Thursday, 20 March 2008

After 4 years of undergrads in computer science and 6 years experience in software industry, totalling 10 years deep down in software I am writing my first blog. I can't believe this!!!!

I heard this
blogging stuff way back in 2000. But I never had the enthu or energy to write a blog for myself. I would never accept this as a reason. I had my own analysis of blog. I felt blogging is for those people who don't have anything exciting to do. But I had lot of exciting things to do in life. :-)oll on the bridage road, consuming gallons of beer in our favourite adda Deewar or at last watching TV; aren’t these better options than writing blog? You tell me.

What changed me? Hmm. I joined Microsoft
jscript team. Everybody writes blog here. Not just about them but about everything. Reaching community is the prime goal. And here I am who has never written a blog in his lifetime trying to write a blog on jscript. I instantly realized I can't write a blog on technology, if I can't write a blog on myself.

I am going to Goa today with my closest buddies. I shall update you once I am back. How do I feel after writing this blog? Hmm. mixed feeling :-). Happy I started it at last. Sad it took so long to start. I have a long way to go in catching up.

Boring blog: see this video


Swathi said...
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Swathi said...
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Swathi said...

Good start Abhi! :) Im sure the 'funtime' at Goa will add more color to ur next post.


Sriram said...

Haha.. why u deleted 2 of the comments? well doen for the first post.. But one thing i dont understand the relation between the Title and the subject!!! enjaay writing!

shri said...

nice chathra....its competitive world..i think u r climbing the steps named sucess...